Friday, June 17, 2011

to cloth or not to cloth?

i'm seriously considering doing cloth diapering this next go around but i have some concerns. i would still plan to do disposable diapers for when we aren't at home (because i'm just not ever going to be THAT hardcore) but i think cloth as the primary route would save us some $$ each month.

the concerns are:

1. we do not have any cloth diapers and it's quite an investment up front.
2. there is a really good chance that the place we move into when our current lease is up will not have washer/dryer connections. is it going to be too much of a hassle if i can't wash/dry the diapers on a daily basis?

so, if anyone has any advice on cloth diapering i would love to hear it.

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Nellie said...

my cousin, lindsay, has used cloth diapers for both of her kids. When she was down in May, she showed us all kinds of neat things they have these days. She works at a store called Birth, Baby, and Beyond, and they have all kinds of posts about cloth diapers, as well as items you could order. If you want to talk with her, you can find her through my facebook. I know she would be THRILLED to advise. I think they are also running a special this month, if you are really interested! (oh, and my mom is into this big-time. she has a stock of supplies she thinks she is going to use)