Tuesday, June 21, 2011


that's pretty much how i'd sum up today.

it was just one of those days. i woke up annoyed and stayed that way pretty much all day.

i tried taking abbey to a story time at the library near by and that was a total fail. let's just say i expect to be getting notes from teachers about abbey's inability to remain quiet during class time ;) i think we lasted all of 3 mins once it actually got started. that girl is one chatty cathy and does NOT appreciate being silenced.

from there it seemed like every little thing frustrated me more than the last and i found myself being unreasonably impatient and apologizing to our little girl at the end of the day. not that she really understands what i'm saying just yet, but i think it's good for me to get into the habit of being honest with our kids when i mess up and being okay with saying i'm sorry to them.

looking forward to starting over tomorrow.

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