Tuesday, May 31, 2011

traveling travelers

i am so very happy to be home for awhile. i looked at the calendar for june yesterday was thrilled to see it basically empty.

abbey and i just got home yesterday after being gone for 2 weeks. we drove to pennsylvania with my mom and brother to visit family for awhile. i love that we got to go. i hadn't been in over 7 years, which is crazy considering we use to go every summer growing up. abbey did pretty well on the 2 day drive and overall was really good while we were gone. she got to meet a lot of her cousins for the first time and loved playing with all the litte girls that were around. she also was a flower girl in my cousins wedding and did pretty decent considering she's only 18 mths old. she made it about halfway down the aisle and then got distracted by all the attention she was getting so i had to go grab her.

a small fraction of my 1st cousins on my mom's side. with 15 aunts and uncles you end up with a crazy amount of cousins.

surviving the long drive thanks to the dvd player and snacks.

with my cousin jill's daughter, lyla. they are 4 months apart. jill and i have been close growing up together so it's so fun to see our kids together. i SO wish we could live closer.

we were supposed to leave today to drive home but we ended up flying back sunday afternoon instead. i was just done with being gone and was super exhausted from being pregnant and tired of being away from gregg. the flights home were pretty uneventful and smooth. the highlight of our flying adventure was when i sat abbey in my lap while waiting for our first flight in the airport and quickly realized she was peeing all over me. yep, that has never happened. i had literally had a stream of pee running down my leg, foot and covering my shoe. fun times. i wiped it up with a diaper. ha. other than that, it all went well and we happy to be home.

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