Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2nd time around

people often ask me if this pregnancy is different than the last. and by "people" i mean my mom friends who haven't experienced a 2nd pregnancy yet.

so with all the wisdom i have gained just 11 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy, i will answer that question. the answer is yes but only in small ways.

-nausea. i had mild nausea with abbey that went away as soon as a i ate something. i have mild nausea with this baby that doesn't go away no matter how much i eat. it hits around late morning and kind of hangs on for the rest of the day-most days at least. still, it could be worse so i'm thankful it's not.

-pretty sure i will be getting bigger faster this time around. that's pretty typical i hear so i'm not surprised. however, with abbey everyone and their mother would tell me i wasn't "big enough" at the end of the pregnancy-even my doctor had an ultrasound done at the end to make sure everything was okay because i was measuring so far behind. i have a gut feeling that won't be the case this time around. partly do to it be the 2nd pregnancy and partly due to me never really getting back to my "original" size. 

-tiredness. this is pretty much the same only instead of being able to lay on the couch after work or my days off, there is no such thing as "after work" or "day off" with a 17mth old running around. i think this makes the tiredness seem worse but i don't really believe it is.

-food aversions. i didn't really have any or any real cravings last time. now, there are certain foods i can't even stand to think about much less eat. for instance, i had planned to make chicken last night. i thawed it out and everything but every time i thought about it i wanted to throw up. even now, i want to throw up thinking about it. so i put it back in the freezer and gregg had macaroni and cheese for dinner. i couldn't even bring myself to eat that so i had a bagel with pb and agave on it. on the other hand, i am consumed with desire to eat dips. yep, ranch dip specifically. i find this interesting because my mom claims that the only craving she had during all 3 of her pregnancies was when she was pregnant with my brother and she just wanted ranch dip. (on a side note, i have a pretty strong gut feeling this baby will be a boy and it's not just based on the ranch dip connection.)

so, 11 weeks in and i am counting down to what proved to be the magical week of 16 last time around. at 16 weeks i felt normal again and had energy to do more than get through the day.

there are no pictures for this post because i refuse to do a pregnancy picture until i clearly look pregnant and not just bloated.

the end.

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Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

Oh I can't wait for a pregnancy pic!!