Monday, February 14, 2011

today was a beautiful day. i love texas winter :) it almost makes up for the texas summer.

gregg had the day off so we spent it together-lunch at zocalo (always a good choice), a walk around town lake and then a trip to whole foods to visit the rooftop playground and grab some coffee. abbey throughly enjoyed herself. as most kids do, she loves being outside and now that she can walk playgrounds are a little more fun.

we don't typically buy each other valentine gifts because our anniversary is just a month later and we'd rather save up any gift money for anniversary fun. however, i do intend to celebrate tomorrow by buying myself a 1/2 off box of chocolate at CVS. classy, i know.

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gm said...

that's my girl! you know how to shop the sales. why buy today when you can buy tomorrow at half off!