Wednesday, December 8, 2010


i could benefit from some non-baby themed social interaction. you know the kind where you talk about things other than what your child is currently saying, doing or eating.

or a vacation.

or both.


-s said...

I'm in Dallas ADing a movie. I'm coming to Austin at some point. We can go to dinner and talk about where you would like to go on vacation, and my non-existent love life. It'll be fantastic!

gm said...

i'm right there with you friend. maybe one day we'll be able to go somewhere, anywhere, except for brenham, that never counts. i wish we lived in a smaller state where you could actually drive a couple hours and go somewhere neat or different. it's like hey, we could go to san antonio, or houston, or dallas, or to some tiny little silly places in between, but they're all just the same version of lame. yet oddly enough, they think they're different from each other...somehow.

...i think this comment probably didn't help much ;) ...but, you're not alone friend! i share you desires for sure.