Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas time was here...

...and christmas has come and gone again. last year's christmas was strange having just had a baby and spending it in our tiny apartment in ft. worth with just my parents and brother. honestly, the whole month of december last year is a little hazy for me.

this year we celebrated with my parents, brother, sister and brother in law and my nephew noah. on christmas eve we drove to the town my grandma and aunts live in and got to see some extended family for a few hours. as usual we found being away from home with a small child is just plain exhausting. we had plans to use today as a "date day" and leave abbey with my parents and come home tomorrow-but we ended up coming home today instead and post-poning our "date day" for who knows when. abbey started getting sick(er) and wasn't sleeping at all and that's when we just decided it wasn't worth and called it quits and came home.

my parents with their grandchildren

uncle robert kyle

matching pjs for the girls

annual 1 armed christmas picture

noah enduring yet another hug from abbey

my brother and gregg fighting it out with nerf guns in the kitchen
a little story in pictures that shows abbey bullying poor noah (click to enlarge)
however, despite all that we still had a nice christmas with my family and definitely enjoyed having our sweet girl a little older this year to celebrate. of course we took a ton of pictures : )

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