Tuesday, November 9, 2010

stealing material

so i've seen this 30 day blog challenge on several people's blogs. i don't know if someone is supposed to challenge you or not but i've decided to do it because, lets face, i need some new material.

so day 1:

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

so i'm jen (an obvious to the few who read this), i'm 28, a follower of Christ, a wife, and mom to our daughter abbey. i'm currently not working and spending my days with abbey and attempting to be some what domestic. 

15 things:

1. i never thought i'd be  a"stay at home mom" and while i LOVE spending this time with abbey, there is still something about calling myself that that kinda makes me cringe a little.
2.  i am socially awkward. no ,seriously, i really am.
3. i am a terrible speller and my grammar skills are definitely lacking..... and i really have no desire to fix this. 
4. i am a crier. and that's probably an understatement. 
5.  it's been years since i've had true, real and vulnerable friendships in my everyday life. i need and miss that.
6.  my husband and i use the words "poop" and "poopface" entirely more than anyone over the age of 5 ever should.
7.  speaking of my husband, we met while living in different states, via our blogs :)
8.  in the 1st grade, my teacher brought a pumpkin into the classroom, dug the seeds out and had us guess how many were in it. i won. my prize was the pumpkin. i guessed 780 seeds.
9. i almost always remember everyone i meet -even if it's just briefly-but they usually don't remember me. i am not sure if this means i have an exceptional memory or if i'm un-memorable. 
10. one of my main reasons for wanting to join the gym again was the access to cable-specifically the access to  teen mom. 
11.  i  hate being the center of attention. freaks me out and my face starts to burn.
12.  large social gatherings are overwhelming to me. (see interesting thing #2) i do much better in smaller settings.
13. i am struggling to come up with 15 things.
14. i got my ears pierced when i was 15 and then passed out in the middle of claires 5 mins later.
15. i once wrecked my car going through an automatic car wash.

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gm said...

i think you're about the most interesting and cutest girl i've ever met...through a blog ;)