Wednesday, November 24, 2010

day 16: dream home

right now, we live in an apartment and it's by far my favorite apartment that i've lived in (and believe, i've lived in plenty). it's spacious, has a fireplace, a real dining room and just feels very homey.

i'm pretty content with where we are at right now. however, there are some things i would love that living in a house would offer-mainly a backyard and a neighborhood.

if we got to choose our style of house it would definitely be a craftsman style. perhaps something like this:

 or this:

when i think about our dream home, i don't think of a massive home with fancy upgrades-i think of something functionable yet cozy and situated on a tree lined street. honestly, when the time comes for us to have a house, i am sure ANY home we end up with will be a "dream home" to us.

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