Sunday, September 12, 2010

i wish we could just go on vacation to some place like vermont or rhode island for the next month or so and come back when it's not so freakin hot. seriously, summer can end now. every year about this time i start bemoaning my texas citizenship.

also, when will pumpkin puree be back in stores?! i am getting impatient and feel the need to make some yummy pumpkin treats.

that's all.

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Brittany said...

Two things:
1) It's posts like this that make me happy I live in OH... at least until Jan when I start to bemoan the cold :)
2) I Totally agree on the pumpkin!! We have NONE here. I got so desperate last week that I used frozen squash in a recipe. It wasn't too shabby of a result...but didn't quite quench my "thirst" :)