Sunday, September 5, 2010

i realize that my last few posts have been about abbey only. believe it or not, there are few other things going on in my (our) lives. of course, most of them tend to relate to her in some way. such is life once a child enters it-anyway..

some updates:

  • gregg has gotten the opportunity to play lead guitar in the kidstuff (children's church) program at our church. our church as a pretty elaborate kid's program-i mean they have their OWN worship team. when i was growing up our children's "worship team" was my mom and aunt singing "father abraham" to us. anyway, this is such a great thing for gregg and something he's been hoping to get the chance to do since he started playing. not only is he going to get more playing experience but he's getting to serve the church at the same time.

  • i started a mom's group a couple weeks ago with 3 other girls in our part of town. so far it's a been a wonderful experience. i'm really looking forward to getting to know the girls better and i'm excited for abbey to have the chance to make friends at such a young age.

  • last week a sweet friend offered to keep abbey for a few hours one day and i went to a movie in the middle of a weekday all by myself. it was glorious. i had never been to a movie alone but i really liked it. maybe it will happen again one day. on a side note, when did matinĂ©e prices become $7.50?? ugh.

  • gregg's work schedule is proving to be challenging for all of us. mostly for him of course since he's the one working and sleeping at such odd hours. but it is also hard all the way around in that it seems we rarely have any time together. he's usually working, sleeping, really tired or practicing guitar for sundays-this doesn't leave much time for hanging out. i'm hoping to find a few days in row when he is off to send abbey to stay a couple nights with my parents so we can have some hang out time. i wish we had the funds for a real getaway but it's just not there at the moment.

  • gregg's mom came to visit a couple weeks ago. unfortunately, abbey woke up the morning of her arrival with a bad cold that lasted her entire visit. it was still a good visit though and i'm so glad she got to come. i wish there was a magical way to make it so that all our family members could live in the same state-i'm doubtful that will ever be a reality.

  • i've already started the debate on when/if to go back to work. for the most part, i'd like to keep staying at home with abbey full time but i'd also like for us to have some flexibility in our finances. i am still planning to stay home at least until the 1st of the year. i'm hoping gregg will get to switch back to days about that time and then maybe working part-time would become more of an option but we'll see. for now, i'm enjoying my time at home with abbey and i am about to get started volunteering again at the pregnancy center.
      so that's about it....nothing to exciting going on. 

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