Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i don't think i realized how unhappy i was in ft. worth until now that we are back in austin and feel at home again. i don't know if it's just the newness of being back that hasn't yet lifted or if i really AM that much happier here. nonetheless, i have been feeling so much more like my old (pre-baby) self these days. it is possible that it could be a combination of things including me adjusting more and more every month to being a mother and having a baby by my side 24/7. it's been just over 8 months but i'm still getting used to the idea and trying to figure it all out. i am also meeting with a couple of other moms in our part of town thursday morning about starting a mom's group for our area through church. i'm really excited about this! that was a huge thing for me in ft. worth. i felt SO isolated from the world and the friends i did have, although wonderful, were not yet moms and were busy with school and work most days. i am also trying to find a place so start volunteering at on a weekly basis. there are so many options around that i really want to take my time and pray about it before jumping into the first thing that pops up.

i'm sure at some point the excitement of being back will wear off but in general i'm just happy to be feeling as close to my old self as i have felt in 1.5 years!

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