Tuesday, August 31, 2010

9 months

because i am pathetic at updating abbey's baby book, i will continue to list out her monthly "updates" here. i will not judge you for not reading this post.

in month 8:

  • right around the turn of 8 months abbey took off crawling. she had about 2 days of half crawling and then took off in perfect form. she's a fast little sucker (as most are) and is pulling up on everything and just within the past few days i can see that she is contemplating letting go while standing up but isn't quite brave enough yet.
  • she seems to know how and when to wave when someone says "bye-bye". she should, we say "bye-bye" to her in an effort to accomplish this about 1 million times a day. she probably thinks it's her new name.
  • i have yet to make an appt for her 9 mth check up (waiting on our new insurance to kick in) but that girl is a giant. i weighed her on our home scale a couple days ago and she weighed 22lbs. all i know is, she is wearing 12-18 month sized clothing and i have to squeeze her size 3 shoes on her fat feets.
  • abbey seems to be a thinker. you can see her really examining things she's playing with and she is so intrigued by people's voices. 
  • she goes crazy for a person talking on the phone. it doesn't matter who it is, if someone is talking on a phone abbey thinks it is the coolest thing ever. she laughs and laughs and just stares at the talking person with this huge grin. it's adorable.
  • she LOVES gregg playing the guitar. loves it. it's precious.
  • she seems to be learning to like food more and i'm working on getting my fear of her choking under control. oddly enough, she seems to have started liking baby food. weird. she also has learned to like blueberry yogurt,bananas, avocados, roast, potatoes and carrots and of course puffs.
  • she has a mouth full of teeth (5 to be exact) and seems to always be getting another.
  • she has this habit of crawling around with her toys in her mouth. it's really funny and i wonder if this a common thing for babies to do.

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