Saturday, July 24, 2010

water gardens

when i was growing up, i would come to ft. worth during summers and spring break to visit my cousins who lived here at the time. i LOVED ft.worth then. i lived in a 4,000 person town in the middle of nowhere-the closest mall was over a hour away and we had to drive 30 mins to get to a real grocery store. so ft. worth was very impressive to me. my aunt would take us all over ft. worth when i would come to visit-we'd always hit the highlights-the zoo, botanical gardens, museums, sundance square, dallas galleria and occasionally the water gardens in downtown ft. worth. gregg and i had yet to make it to the water gardens in our year of living here so we made a trip yesterday morning and then followed it with one last walk around downtown ft. worth. i really like downtown ft. worth so i wanted to make one last trip there. the water gardens however were a lot less exciting than i remember them being but still worth stopping by i suppose.


-s said...

Is Abbey throwing gang signs in that first pic?? :) Adorable!

jen said...

sure, she can totally do that on command.