Sunday, July 18, 2010

it's it just me, or:

  • is it harder to make girlfriends once married? and then definitely harder once a child is added to the equation. i sometimes feel like it's easier to meet people since being married but i feel like it's harder to find other women to develop a real friendship with. maybe it's just me. i can be quite the socially awkward one at times. in any event, i miss having close friends around.
  • does it take FOREVER to upload a video to blogger?
  • did starbucks shrink their drink sizes again??
  • are some of things that used to be the most relaxing/fun almost not worth the effort anymore once a infant is involved? (i.e. pool visits, shopping. going out to eat, outdoor concerts..)
  • are high school girls shrinking? seriously, every "girlfriend" my brother has had seems to a miniature sized person...


Brittany said...

the older you get the tougher it becomes to make new friends in new communities/areas/cities etc. It's sad really :(
As for starbucks, that better not be the case!!!

emily said...

This is the age of cyber friends...duh facebook.
my email is
so I can continue on in the jen saga. I'm addicted.