Friday, July 16, 2010

i think i am in need of a 30 day challenge of some sort. of course, it will have to wait until we have moved to get underway but i've started thinking about what it could be. the obvious would be some sort of work-out/healthy living themed challenge but i need to think about it first and put together some kind of "plan". i am much more likely to be successful if i have something to follow. i will say, i am NOT interested in doing jillian's 30 day shred. i have the video, i've done it and it's a good workout but i am beyond tired of workout DVDS. i cannot wait to have access to a gym again (less than 2 wks!).

even more needed is something centered around spiritual discipline. again, i tend to think i need a study to follow or some kind of reading plan to keep me on track. i just finished reading David Platt's book Radical. at the end of it, he challenges the reader to (among other things) read the entire Bible in one year. i would like to do this, so i'm going to try to find a reading plan to meet this goal. I think our old church use to have one posted online so i may check that out.

i am realizing i need some sort of structure to my life or i am very unlikely to be productive. since i don't really have a schedule (other than keeping up with abbey's) i have been very unproductive and borderline lazy for the past month or so. it must stop. i did however manage to teach abbey to point to my nose when i ask her to. i was pretty excited about that accomplishment :)


gm said...

i LOVE the last part. you're such a great teacher :)

gm said...

i'm totally up for a 30 day spiritual "challenge" of some sort. we could do it together and have our own little prayer and discussion time. :)