Sunday, July 11, 2010


the weekly staff newsletter at my last job had a section titled "c-c-c changes..." whenever staff would leave or switch positions. i thought of it when i started writing this because there are some c-c-c changes coming up for us very soon.

change 1: i am leaving grad school. i will be filling out the official withdrawal forms tomorrow. i really struggled with this decision. i thought about going back to school for 5 years after graduating college and when i finally made the decision to do it, it never once crossed my mind that i would not finish. everyone told me i was crazy for starting grad school when i was 6.5 months pregnant but i was determined. truth be told, it was hard being in school full time with a newborn-no doubt about that. but i still managed to get a nearly 4.0 GPA both semesters (despite giving birth 1 week before finals in the fall) and if i were staying i would definitely be making plans to have some help with abbey. i don't doubt that it would be doable to finish the degree but my goals have just changed drastically since having a child.

change 2: we are moving back to austin!!! friends, i am SO excited about taking our lives back to austin. ft. worth is a nice place but we just feel at home in austin. i mean, seriously, we already have our 1st week back planned with 3 nights of free fun outings. and i can't even get started on the amazing mexican food that awaits us at nearly every corner. on a more important level, we are very excited to be going back to our old church (Austin Stone Community). we left a wonderful community of people last summer and are happy to rejoining them soon. on top of all of these things, we will be much closer my family.

so we have started the process of sorting through our belongings and sendings to the trash or goodwill/pregnancy center. i think we've conquered all of our closets so for the next 2.5 weeks i will packing during all of abbey's naps. guess my boredom has a cure for the time being!

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