Wednesday, June 2, 2010

6 months

abbey hit the 6 month mark on may 30th. so hard to believe that it's already been 6 months. if only pregnancy went by this fast i wouldn't be so against the idea of doing it again. not to say i won't EVER try to be pregnant again but it's just not my heart's desire at the moment.

anyway, in abbey news:

  • she weighed 19lbs 1 oz and was 27.5 inches at her 6 month check up. that is 96% for both height and weight. the dr. seems to think her height will start to slow down soon.
  • she has her first little tooth and is getting another on top soon. so far, teething hasn't caused too much crankiness and i'm hoping it stays that way.
  • she has finally mastered rolling from both directions. thank GOODness.
  • i'm pretty sure abbey could win any staring contest. she stares people down and watches everything. her dr. said she has an "interesting" personality and that she should be an easy baby to parent until we tell her "no" for the 1st time. comforting.
  • abbey seems to hate all baby food. she has equal disdain for fruit and veggies alike and wouldn't even accept rice cereal or the "turkey dinner" i tried to feed her. apparently this means i get to grind up our food for her. of course this also means i have to cook now.
  • her sleeping habits are still pretty good so we feel very blessed in that area.
  • she can sit up great now but doesn't seem to be near the crawling phase just yet. truthfully, that is okay with me.
to be quite honest, i feel like abbey has become my little friend and we are really enjoying our days with her. the time is going by just as fast as everyone says it does and i'm scared to think in just 6 more short months she'll already be a year old.

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gm said...

i'm so glad we get to spend so much time together enjoying life and building into our little one at this critical stage. it's paying off. a lot of people don't get the time we have.