Thursday, May 6, 2010

now that the semester is over i can finally relax and not feel like i have something hanging over my head all the time. it is such a great feeling! my mom came up on tuesday and just left this morning. while she was here i did some scrapbook letters for Noah's room like i did for abbey's and sent them back with her for my sister. he should be arriving very soon-we are hoping sometime in the next 2 weeks but all we know how those things can go.

i also sent a huge box of diapers abbey had outgrown, nursing tank tops/sleepwear, the breast pump and my "hooter hider" all for my sister. whew-so much stuff cleared out of the closet feels great. my plan now is to start abbey's scrapbook SOON (once i come up with $$ to buy the necessary supplies) and start trying to clear out and organize our very full, very scary closets.

in our boredom today, gregg and i had a mini-photo session with abbey in the front yard. this is what happens when you are bored and trying to not spend AND have the cutest baby around.

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