Sunday, April 18, 2010

too much food

this weekend was all about eating out apparently. i did not intend for this to happen but it turned out that way. i feel like i have gained 10 lbs in the past 3 days. oh well. once i get these next 2 weeks over with i intend to start using my abbey-free time for working out rather than paper writing and quiz taking. of course, that is IF i survive these next 2 weeks. i foresee many late night paper writing and quiz taking sessions in my future since gregg is working a weird schedule this week and i literally have no day free between now and next monday without a baby to tend to.

summer please hurry up and arrive.

back to the eating out...friday i had a wonderful 3.5 hour lunch with 2 lovely friends at panera bread. i know there isn't anything particularly special about panera but i always want to go because i like their salads (and cookies) and i was in desperate need of some time to sit, eat and chat with friends without trying to wrangle a 4 month old at the same time. friday night gregg and i were both wanting pizza and in an effort to maximize our potential pizza intake and minimize our costs we made the ever so brilliant decision to visit cici's. never again. we always have to learn the hard way about things such as this when it should be pretty obvious that an "all you can eat" pizza buffet is never a good option and especially an "all you can eat" pizza buffet in a very sketchy neighborhood. it was an experience-i will leave it at that.

saturday night's dinner more than made up for the pizza failure on friday night. saturday night was date night. we hadn't been out alone since our anniversary a month ago and we thought it was about time to go out again. i think a once a month date night is a pretty realistic goal for us right now. anyway-we went to eat at cowtown diner downtown. this place was fantastic. it was a diner with a trendy-upscalish. i was in the mood for a home cooked type meal and that is exactly what we got. i choose a meal called "thanksgiving 365" and it was fabulous and gregg ordered pot roast and i was tempted to eat half of his plate too. after dinner we went for a quick shopping trip at marshall's right before it closed. we had fun trying on hats and wondering around. our sweet friends watched abbey for us which made this wonderful night possible.

whew-i have just typed a lot of words-i am sure there about 100 typos in all that but i really don't feel like reading it all to check for them. you'll just have to figure it out for yourself.


Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

I'm glad you had fun!!! yay for date nights. I was thinking myself that one month date nights are pretty realistic with a young baby.

gm said...

remember that there's really nothing else to do BUT go out to eat. it's either that, a movie, or target outside of the house