Friday, April 23, 2010

baby momma confessions

  • sometimes i use the boppy for my own benefit (extra pillow, lap desk, etc)
  • sometimes i don't change the sheets on abbey's bed when her diaper leaks through to them. i do if it's really bad but i also don't when it's not so bad. she doesn't sleep face down so i don't think i'm hurting anything.
  • i will feed abbey from a bottle while she's laying in her crib in effort to get her to go sleep on the nights when she's really putting up a fight. i know this is developing bad habits but honestly, sometimes i just need her to go so sleep.
  • when her frog chair thing plays music i sometimes dance to it. she never finds this amusing but i do.
  • she's doing good to get a bath 2x a week. i know. please don't call anyone on me.
  • there are times i change her clothes 3x before settling on a outfit for her for the day. not because they don't fit but because i want to pick the cutest one. it's a sickness really.
  • i dread the 7pm-10pm hours. dread them. these are NOT happy hours for my little friend.

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Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

don't worry. Ethan only gets a bath 1x a week. although the other day he had a major blowout and so we held him over the kitchen sink and sprayed him with the sprayer. Also Ethan gets an outfit change 3x in the morning, but not b/c I'm trying to find something cute, it's b/c he's had massive spit up before I can snap the onsie. ha!