Wednesday, April 7, 2010

good grief

lately things just seem to be challenging. my car (our "good" car) has been acting strange lately-all sorts of lights popping up on the dashboard and shaking after it starts up. this morning i woke abbey up from a nap, packed us up (my bag, her bag, took the dog out, put the dog away), loaded up the car and it would not start. i don't know what frustrated me more-the car not starting or waking abbey from a nap for no reason. anyway, i missed chapel and class and won't be going anywhere else for the day. gregg is off tomorrow but on call and with our luck he'll get called in. so the car situation probably won't be addressed until saturday since he works friday too. i suppose i could try to tackle it on my own but i really have no idea how to go about that.

i went to make lunch today using our very limited grocery supply. i decided to make a "pizza" using a flour tortilla and some tomato sauce and cheese. i guess the tomato sauce had been in the fridge too long because mold was growing on it. gross. i learned that tomato paste does not make the best substitute for tomato sauce when making pizza. i ate it anyway but it was not great by any means.

pretty sure that our general level of stress over some big decisions we are trying to make is contributing to the feeling of things not going right. on top of that, i have SO much to get done for school this week and the coming 3 weeks and really very little time at all with gregg working extra shifts this month. i have completely abandoned any hope of losing weight or working out for now until i get through april. any free time i get from abbey must go to school. unfortunately i am definitely a stress eater-which makes for a dangerous situation given my current circumstances.

i need a nap. and some cake.

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