Saturday, March 20, 2010

thursday, the 18th, was a our 3 year wedding anniversary. i really feel like it was more recent than that in most ways but then in other ways it feels like gregg and i have known each other for a lifetime. we really have only "known" each other for 4 years-which is hard to believe since we've been married for 3 of those years! i always thought i would date the person i was going to marry for much longer than 6 months before getting engaged but God had other plans and am so thankful for them. while gregg isn't perfect, he is the most perfect husband and friend for me. i miss him when he's at work and look forward to seeing his face at the end of everyday. he has a selfless way of loving me that i envy and wish i could master better myself.

to celebrate our anniversary gregg surprised me with a night at a hotel downtown, dinner out and new bedding for our bed! my mom came up to stay with abbey overnight and we were able to go out to dinner and have some time without baby responsibilities. it was really really a wonderful gift and i really really enjoyed it and needed it.

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