Monday, February 15, 2010

day one

day one is always the easiest day for me. i'm motivated and excited's day 3 when it all starts going down hill.

with that said, day one of the WW trial period is going good so far. i am not sure if WW has allotted me more points than i actually need or what's going on but i'm thinking there is no way i could possibly use all those points in one day. well, unless we go out to eat then they'd be gone fast. i'm actually finding it kinda fun to look up point values and plan out my food for the day. as i said, day 3 will probably be a different story. i made it back to a gym to workout today for the first time in a YEAR. while i was pregnant i did some home videos, walking, etc but nothing in the gym. i did visit our apt gym some before we moved but not much. all i have to say is the elliptical is much more difficult when a whole year has gone by without doing it. the goal is start running at some point-even if it just in intervals to start with. i think that will be the most effective workout.

p.s. my baby put herself to sleep last night and slept 8 hrs straight.

p.s.s. sorry my posts are so lame.

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