Friday, February 12, 2010


oh how i miss just going and laying down in bed whenever you felt tired and just going to sleep. how i miss those days. my bedtimes now look like this:

10pm bf abbey
10:40 pm lay abbey down even though i know she's only fake sleeping and will wake up screaming in just 10 mins
10:40-10:50pm-pee and brush my teeth, refill my water bottle
10:50pm- go rescue a screaming abbey from her crib and feed her a bottle
11:05pm-lay sleepy but not asleep abbey down again
11:05-11:15-let abbey fuss/cry enough to exhaust herself
11:15pm-bf abbey again for just long enough to put her sleep
11:25pm-lay her down and rub her cute little belly until she is definitely asleep
11:30pm-find my way through dark bedroom where husband has been sounding sleeping for the past 1.5 hrs, turn on monitor and try to fall asleep

SO much more work than what it used to be.

getting her to sleep is pretty much trial and error every night. some nights one thing will work but then never work again. the above has been the routine for the past week. it could all change again tonight-who knows. it keeps life exciting...



Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

i miss it too. but I guess I can't complain, b/c it seems ethan gives me a little more rest in between bf's than your abbey. who knows, he's only a week old, that could change.

jen said...

yeah, she's sleeping through the night now which is awesome but getting her to sleep is harder. the older they get the more awake they are during the day. abbey used to sleep all day too but those days seem to be over :)