Tuesday, October 13, 2009

who doesn't like starting their day at 3:30am after only 3.5 hrs of sleep? ugh.

i will never again tell a pregnant person to get plenty of rest. as if a pregnant person isn't already going to try to sleep as much as possible. and as if sleeping while pregnant is even an easy thing to do. it's by far more work than rest trying to sleep-at least for me. i had a lovely emotional breakdown from about 10pm to 12am that involved lots and lots of crying. i am now awake at 3:30am with an excruciating headache caused by all the crying, lower back/hip pain from trying to sleep on my side and a resurfacing case of indigestion. seriously, how i am supposed to "get plenty of sleep while i can" with all of that? at least when abbey is here, my middle of the night wakings won't be caused by some sort of pain or discomfort.


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Samantha said...

Discomfort on your ears, with a baby screaming!! I can't wait to give you the stuff I bought for Abbey. Hope I get to see you guys when I get to the Dallas area. Feel better, woman. :)