Tuesday, October 20, 2009

this picture was taken on our honeymoon, which was about 2.5 years ago but seems like last week. i can't believe how fast 2.5 years have gone by. we were so excited when we realized that the hotel upgraded our room to this huge suite for no charge. we were so excited to finally be married, living the same state again and ready to start our life together. and now, we are about to see a new life start that, in part, was created by us. i have been so emotional these last few weeks-much more so than at any other point of this pregnancy.

when i came across this picture today i started crying. i had forgotten all about these pictures. we just look so happy (and i look so skinny!). as excited and ready as I am to meet abbey and start this new chapter in our life, it's still scary and-honestly-a little sad to me. it's hard to imagine our life being so different and part of me is afraid we will lose something when the baby gets here. maybe that makes me selfish, but it's an honest worry. i guess too, it is part of realizing that permanent change is happening which is always a scary thing to me. i'm so thankful for my husband and the 2.5 years we had as just husband and wife. i hope we do as well as "mom and dad"!


hope said...

aww Jen. I'm sure it'll be different and even hard at times. I'm sure y'all will be just fine.

enjoy the time y'all have together now.

gm said...