Saturday, October 31, 2009

an end in sight....

so i made a visit to the doctor yesterday morning and will now be going weekly. i asked about her policy on letting people go past their due date and she said she doesn't usually like for people to go more than 1 week past because at that point you can start running into complications. this was glorious news to me as i have no desire to go more than 1 week past my due date. this means, that i have no more than 4 weeks left of pregnancy! words cannot express how exciting that is! my due date is 3 weeks from monday and i am thinking it's unlikely she'll come any earlier but so good to now that we will have a baby by nov 30-dec 1st. craziness. the doctor did say that i'm measuring a few weeks behind schedule so she scheduled an ultrasound for thursday just to make sure all is well. she said she thinks everything is fine and smaller measurement is due to the position of the baby and my size. i'm not worried about anything, i feel like everything is healthy but i am curious to see what they estimate the weight of the baby to be.

i will post a new picture soon for you crazy picture requesters. i've been meaning to do it all week once i hit 36 weeks but just really am not motivated to do much of anything that i don't absolutely have to do. monday, i will be 37 weeks which is considered full term-meaning the baby would be completely development and ready for life outside the womb at that point.

alright, enough baby talk. back to studying.

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