Sunday, September 13, 2009

you know you spend too much time on facebook when you start thinking in facebook status sentences.

for example, instead of thinking to myelf

"man, i'm so tired"

i think in this format:

"jen taylor-mallinson is so very tired".

it's a sickness really and i know i can't be the only one.

anyway, i am currently working on (so very hard as you can see...) a self-evaluation paper that isn't due for another week but i am trying my hardest to stay ahead of all my due dates this semester so that i can be ahead at the end of the semester.

i am ready to have this baby here and not just for my own selfish reasons of wanting my normal feeling self back. i keep seeing baby girls everywhere i go and i just want mine to be here already! i can't believe we have 10 weeks (at the most) left until she gets here-it seems so close but still so far away. i really can't believe jamie only has about 7 weeks left assuming he doesn't come early like she swears he's going to. it's so crazy to think i'll be someone's parent in less than 3 months.

i think the reality of how our lives are about to change is finally settling in on gregg and i. aside from knowing that we will have tiny person completely depending on us, we are realizing that our relationship is about to be forever changed and in many ways, it already has. we have had a marriage blessed with so much fun and companionship in each other over the past 2.5 years that i have to admit, it's really scary to think it won't be just the two us anymore. once baby gets here everything will be so different and won't be just about what works for us anymore. we have been facing one change after the other lately and the biggest one is yet to come. i am so glad we don't have to do this on our own.

alright, back to self evaluating.

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gm said...

i totally understand you with the facebook comment thing. i think like that all the time now, annoying.

i'm going to miss our old life, but, it'll work out ok. and just think, 25 or so years from now we'll be back together and free from distraction once more, ha.