Monday, September 28, 2009

not sleeping again. i wish my stomach would stop trying to escape my body through my throat. ew.

this weekend was pretty good aside from all the studying. friday was a low key day of dr. appt, errands, and studying. all looks well according to the Dr. and nothing new going. i've had such an easy, low stress pregnancy and i am so thankful for that. this baby is VERY squirmy lately. i think she's inherited gregg's antsy-ness.

saturday went by pretty fast some how. we finished the baby's room (which i am not allowed to refer to as a "nursery" btw) and i'm pretty happy with it. i washed all her clothes and folded them and put them away. they are SO small. i can't wait to see her and dress her in these know, so i can change her 10 mins later when she pees, poops or spits up all over them :)
i spent a few hours studying at barnes and noble and that evening we had our neighbors and another couple over for dinner. we grilled out but had to end up moving inside because the bugs here are terrible. it was really good to finally get to know our neighbors better and i think we are all going to be facebook friends pretty soon-so it was a successful evening. :)

sunday was good, gregg and i made it to church together and then had lunch with 2 couples from the small group we visited thursday. i'm pretty excited about that small group and think we've found a place with them and this church.

despite the good weekend and feeling like we are finally starting to form friendships, we've both been missing austin and the familiar so very much. i don't know when the adjusting will stop and our lives will start to feel normal and comfortable again-probably about the time the baby comes and everything gets crazy again.

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hope said...

i'm glad you guys are starting to adjust. miss ya.