Friday, August 28, 2009

so tired but i attribute to how productive i've been so far and it's not even 2pm yet :) today i have:

1. completed and turned in 2 assignments 3 days early so as not to have to worry about them over the weekend
2. made a trip to target for a few essential items (and a couple non-essential items..)
3. showered
4. bathed dog (major chore)
5. cleaned shower (i HATE cleaning the shower, it is by far my least favorite thing ever)
6. cleaned rest of bathroom
7. swept/vacuumed rest of apartment
8. had a yummy "chicken" sandwich lunch (i used morning star chicken sandwiches-so good!)

i still need to get control over my hair, read about 1 billion pages in 3 different books and pack for this weekend.

in other news, my brother is spending a few days in austin with some friends and i'm terribly jealous. last night, he went to Spider House and today he sent me a text message asking me what's the best thing to order at Zocolo (burrito with shredded chicken and verde sauce in case you were wondering). i almost cried. i MISS austin SO much-more so than when i moved to jacksonville. living 1.5 blocks from the ocean kinda helped that. ft. worth is just not a pretty place-everything seems so old and ugly and generic.

today i miss:

1. austin (obviously)
2. good mexican food-we have yet to discover it here although i did see a chuy's about 20 mins away that may suffice if needed
3. HEB-seriously, the grocery shopping situation here is awful
4. austin stone-i miss our church so very much
5. our community group
6. our apartment and apartment pool (although i do NOT miss the stairs at all)
7. friends for neighbors
8. many many non-starbucks coffee options. literally, there is ONE coffee place within 20-30 mins of us that is not a starbucks.

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Brittany said...

Austin misses you too girl~ I made homemade bread last night & thought of y'all and how it would be so much better to share. I often look up at your porch as we drive by & your kitchen I think you'll be there. :( We miss you!!