Wednesday, June 10, 2009


           enjoying the very still waters at the little tablot inlent. we were the only ones out there                                               and felt like our own private beach. it was awesome.
                                             viewing the fish at the aquarium in charleston
                                            walk on the folly beach outside charleston
                                          view from the top of ft. sumter. very beautiful.
          gregg made me climb in the plane and take a picture! i look very pregnant here!

we got back into town this afternoon from a week in jacksonville visiting with gregg's family and spending PLENTY of time at the beach. we went to charleston, sc with his parents for the weekend while we were there and had a really nice time. we did all the touristy type things gregg and i didn't do on our honeymoon there (other the aquarium). my favorite was the carriage tour-it was just nice to sit for half an hour and see so much of the historic area downtown. charleston is a beautiful city and i wouldn't mind living there one day. we also went to ft. sumter and toured a naval ship (the yorktown i believe)-which aren't really my thing but gregg and his dad love that stuff. 

also on our trip, gregg's sister Emily was kind enough to do an ultrasound for us (that's her job!) and we found out we are having a baby GIRL! i am SO excited. that is what i was not so secretly hoping for :) now we have to pick a name and we see to be stuck with just 2 options we both like but neither that we are just really sold on. i guess we still have plenty of time to work it out.

only one day of work for me tomorrow and then the weekend off. hooray! i only have about 4 weeks left at my job total. crazy!

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