Thursday, May 7, 2009

rough day

everyone says the 2nd trimester of pregnancy is better and i really hope this will be true for me too. i know i could have it a lot worse in the nausea department and i'm so thankful i don't, however, i am so exhausted to the point that it's nearly impossible for me to function on some days. today was one of those days.

yesterday was a busy day and i pretty much kept busy non stop and then we were out until 10pm last night. these days, i'm in bed by 9pm-9:30 at the latest. i am not sleeping well at all because it's hard to get comfortable in the "approved" sleeping positions (ie. no back or stomach sleeping). i hate sleeping on my side and i wake up every hour miserable. so this morning when i got to work i was exhausted just from getting dressed and out of the house. as soon as i sat down i started feeling very strange-my head felt heavy and my vision was blurring and i was very light headed to the point it was difficult to walk in a straight line. i started to get really freaked out because i do have a tendency to pass out easily and i automatically start thinking something is wrong. so i go into my co-workers office who just a had a baby in december and start asking her about what i'm feeling. of course, i immediately start crying when i'm trying to talk to her. i'm so freaking emotional and add fear to that and it's just useless to hold it together. she was so very sweet and made me feel better but told me i should definitely go home and try to rest and call the doctor if it gets worse. she offered to drive me home but i thought i could make it. so i came home and have pretty much been laying in bed and/or sleeping all day long. i can't believe it's already after 5pm-i came home at 9am. 

i'm really really hoping that in the next few months the exhaustion starts to get better. i can't keep missing work and i'm so very sick of being so very tired. 

on a more positive note, i'm wearing my first pair of maternity jeans today and i think i will never want to wear regular pants again. so incredibly comfortable. thus far, maternity clothing is a huge plus in pregnancy.

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