Wednesday, April 22, 2009

today has been a great day so far and it is only 3:30pm.

gregg and i both had the day off today and we woke up early and had breakfast at kerby lane. i had an omelet and ended up only eating a few bites of it but it was still good. we then ran some errands and joined sam's club as my b-day present! my b-day isn't for another month but i've been wanting a membership for awhile so we stopped in today and did that. i also bought a bella band that will hopefully help with this frustrating in between stage i'm currently at with clothes. we shall see. then, my sister came into town and we had lunch and now gregg and i just got back from laying out by the pool for a hour. the weather is great today-sunny and breezy and around 92 degrees. i wish that was summer weather for texas but alas it's "spring" weather. crazy but i enjoyed it today. now i need to make cookies for tonight and get the place cleaned up a little before people come over this evening.

good day.

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