Sunday, March 15, 2009

semi domestic weekend

warm chocolate melting cakes

so this week seems to have had a theme of me attempting to be domestic. on friday i tried to learn how to knit. i have been wanting to learn for awhile and my friend brittany offered to teach. i can see that it is a simple concept but for some reason i kept messing my scarf up. i had to take it apart completely and start over 3 times and the last time i decided to give it a day before trying again.

also on friday i went to the grocery store with the list of ingredients needed to make dinner 3 times this week. we'll see how it goes. i baked some chicken earlier that i'm planning to use for chicken tortilla soup later tonight.

yesterday i baked chocolate reeses pieces cookies and cleaned all morning while waiting for my parents to arrive. i also made what gregg and i refer to as "warm chocolate melting cakes". we call it this because that is what they called it when they served it on our cruise last year and it was the only thing we'd order when we went to the main restaurant for for dinner. so i made them friday and left them in the fridge and baked them this afternoon. they came out pretty good, plus it was a reason to use the ramekins i bought months ago.

so that's it for my domestic attempts this weekend.

my parents got here yesterday afternoon and we went to see a movie and then went out for dinner at County Line BBQ. gregg and i hit our meat quota for the month but the food was really good. so next time we decide we want bbq we know where to go. the view from the place was great as well. we went to church this morning and, as usual when we bring someone with us to church, neither our regular pastor or regular band were there today. oh well. church was still really good and i think my parents see why we are so happy there.

so that's been the weekend. gregg hasn't been feeling very well at all this weekend. he sat out the movie yesterday afternoon and had to end up leaving church this morning before it even started. hopefully he'l feel better soon.

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Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

promise me you'll make those melting chocolate yummy cake whenever Joe and I get a chance to visit ya'll. looks yummy.