Saturday, February 14, 2009

i don't have much to say lately...

today was a good day all in all. we had a v-day brunch and then made a trip to ikea to purchase a dresser. for the past 2 years we have been "folding" all our t-shirts/shorts/etc and putting them on a shelf in our closet. this has become a disaster and it would stress me out to open our closet door, so, for valentine's day i declared that i wanted a dresser. so we got one. is it strange that i was just so excited to put that thing together, clean out my closet and put everything where it belongs??? it reminded me of the time when i was living alone here in austin and went almost a year without a real vacuum (due to lack of money) and then i found one on clearance for $20 and brought it home and immediately vacuumed. i was that happy again.

we also went to the outlets in round rock since we were so close. they failed me as usual but gregg made out pretty well which is good because he needs clothes more than me.

gregg also got me a really cool necklace and some simple shoes from whole earth provision for v-day. the shoes were a random purchase because they were on clearance but i like them. i am lucky.

now, tomorrow is cupid's death day. this is a "holiday" that my friend jamie and i made up in high school when were sick of being single and seeing bouquet after bouquet of roses in the school office on valentine's day. cupid's death day (CDD) is the day after valentine's day when cupid died. i know, it's morbid, but my single friends have always appreciated it and jamie and i (although both now happily married) are going to a movie to celebrate tomorrow.


Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

yay for a dresser! I'm trying to put all the folded cloths on top of my dresser up! ha!

Samantha said...

Happy Cupid's Death Day! Also, you should check my facebook quotes, because you are on it now. Hilarious!