Sunday, January 4, 2009

i love infomercials

i really do.

in college i was obsessed with the magic bullet infomercial. i had the thing memorized because i would literally watch it every time i came across it on t.v. for our wedding one of my college friends gave us the magic bullet. at first gregg made fun of it, but he used it everyday until the motor finally died a few months ago. they are $60 so we haven't replaced it.

sundays are prime infomercial days. currently on the 6 channels we have 4 of them are infomercials. they are as follows:

turbo jam (just like hip-hop abs)
hip-hop abs
jack something or other power juicer (which really looks useless to me because who wants to drink celery juice? just eat the celery)
some magic face cream

i would buy hip-hops if i could. i also watched a workout one yesterday called something boot camp. i think i would buy the boot camp one before the hip-hop abs. i am sucker for these things. unfortunately for them i do not the disposable income to invest in all of these things. i am, however, EXACTLY the type of person they market these things to.


Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

It's the jack la'lane's power juicer. And I am the one who wants to drink the celery juice. ha! well maybe not celery only, but other fruits and veggies added to it.

Samantha said...

1. I watched the Turbo Jam infomercial on Sunday. I wanted to buy it.

2. I saw a Magic Bullet while we were shopping for Patrick's parents. I wanted to buy it.