Thursday, December 18, 2008

self control and other things..

last night we had a our small group over to our apartment and hosted a "coffee and compassion" night. two of the guys from our worship band at church are spokes-person type figures for Compassion International. they came to share stories about their experiences as sponsors and the needs of the children and families in the program. it was really a great night. i love our small group and am so thankful for the friendships we've formed through it and having the opportunity to learn more about Compassion International with them was great. gregg and i have committed to sponsoring a child and are really excited about getting to know our child and being a part of their lives. both of the guys who came have also recently adopted (both domestic and international) so we of course asked lots of questions about that process. i would love to sit and talk for hours with them about that. i have so many questions and i still just feel like it's so out of reach for us. i know that we definitely need to be more prayerful about adoption and the future of our family. i also know that if it is God's will and we are obedient it will happen in His time.

so back to the self control thing-so because all these people were coming over (we had 20 ppl in our 1 bedroom apartment last night not including us and one very scared little doggie!) there was also a lot of not so good for you food around. i made frosted sugar cookies and mini cherry cheesecakes and of course there were leftovers of everything. i took the cookies to work and they were gone in a matter of an hour but the cheesecakes i "forgot" at home today. it's not often i eat cheesecake and i'm not usually a fan but there is something about these simple things that just call my name! my mom has been making these for as long as i can remember at christmas and i just love them. can't help it!

so tomorrow after gregg gets off we are heading to brenham to spend the night with my family have an early christmas with them since we will be heading to florida on tuesday. i'm excited about brenham and about christmas with gregg's family this. it makes me sad that it's impossible for us both to be close to our families. there is just no way to make it happen. i wish i could spend more time with his sister and nieces and really get to know them better. it's hard to do when you only spend 3 days with them every 6 months. i suppose that's life.

so, one more day of work (monday) and then it's christmas celebration time! i feel like i need to be out doing more festive, christmassy things..i just can't figure out what to do!

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