Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Poor Choice

yesterday we made a poor choice. i will take the blame as it was my brillant idea.

around 12:00pm yesterday gregg and i were sitting around trying to think of what we could do on our day off. ever since i moved to Austin the first time (about 3.5 years ago) i have heard people go on and on about what a cool little town Wimberly Texas is. those people lied.

not knowing the disappointment that this town is, i convince gregg that we should drive the hour out to wimberly to see what it's all about. after checking the website and finding out that market days were scheduled for yesterday we decided to go. i'm expecting overpriced "antique" shops with the possibility of finding some cool christmas ornaments on sale, possibly a cute little place to have lunch, a yummy bakery and just general small town texas charm. so we get in the car and head that way.

55 mins later we pull into wimberly. now i will say that the scenery is lovely-there are views of the texas hill country (which people go crazy over here..) and a hilly road that leads into the town but the excitement stops there. after stopping at the tourist information center (and finding out that senior women find gregg's red hair REALLY attractive) we finally found our way to the market day thing. not worth the $3 we paid to park. that's all i have to say about that.

so on to downtown we go. now, i suppose if you like country/texas themed household decor this would be the place for you. however, since we do not, it is not the place for us. there wasn't even a decent place to eat downtown. everything looked really not worth the price. so we decided to just forget the whole thing and head back home, except that we are really hungry. so where do we end up eating? dairy queen. yes, we ate at dairy queen. it was so small and so ridiculously HOT in there but we ate at dairy queen in wimberly texas.

we are not small town texas "charm" people. last year about this time we made a random trip out to fredricksburg and were equally let down. lots and lots of people love these places-but i guess we just don't get it.

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