Friday, December 26, 2008

christmas morning at gregg's parents house in florida
we met up with kathy and joe in jacksonville! it was SO GREAT to see them. i am working on convincing them to move to austin (or at least texas) when joe finishes his master's program in may.

so christmas is gone already. we made a very quick trip to jacksonville to spend christmas with gregg's family. we flew out on the 23rd and came back today, the 26th. it was worth it though. it definitely wasn't a cold christmas. the high for christmas day was 79 but it was a beautiful day at least. no rain or humidity so that was nice. saw lots and lots of family; a great deal of which i really don't know at all and i'm not entirely sure gregg does either. ate WAY too many cookies. i feel like we need to go on a detox diet for the next few weeks to recover.
so you may be wondering how we met up with kathy and joe in jacksonville when they live in nashville.. so kathy's grandparents live in south georgia which is about an hours drive from jacksonville. her family all met up in geogia for christmas and thus we are able to have a christmas breakfast with them. really need them to move to austin. i am not quite sure how to lure them here though...
still getting used to spending major holidays with those other than my immediate family. it is an adjustment for sure. on christmas eve we went to church with gregg's parents and grandparents and some of his extended family. while the service was nice, i just kept thinking about how much i wish we were at the stone for the christmas eve service. my goal for next christmas is to be in at least a 2 bedroom place and work on convincing my family (and gregg's too for that matter!) to come to austin for christmas. it would be a nice change..i'm doubtful it will happen though..
that's all i've got for now. still really tired from all the late nights, waking up at 5am and sleeping on a air mattress for 3 nights...

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Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

I hear you on the air mattress. It's been 4 nights for us, going on 6 by the end of the trip. I think I'm going to need a massage when I'm donw sleeping on an air mattress for that long.