Monday, November 24, 2008


it seems i have baby fever in a bad way. in such a bad way that i am so grateful to my husband for reeling me back in and making me see that we should wait at least a few more months before we start making our way down that path. lord knows once you get going there is no turning back.

when we got married close to 2 yrs ago i was determined that children would not be a part of our lives for at least 4-5 years-IF EVER. seriously, i really wasn't completely sold on the idea of kids but then something started to happen. i don't know what it was but about 6 months ago i slowly started getting used to the idea, and then, one day a couple of weeks ago i woke up and wanted a baby. i can only attribute this to God-plus i would bet money on the fact that my mother has been praying that i would want a baby sooner rather than later. that woman has grand baby fever in a way that words cannot describe. all this to say, babies are in our future-just not anytime between now and the next 4 months. which i suppose is good enough for me. at least this gives me some time to lose that 10lbs i want to lose before become with child....

on to less scary things...

gregg and i are going to florida for christmas as of 3ish hours ago. we really wanted to go but didn't have the extra money to make the trip. it has been a rough year for gregg's parents health wise and we haven't spent any holidays with them since getting married. i was sharing this with my mom today and she mentioned that my dad suggested buying us plane tickets to visit gregg's family as our christmas presents. hooray! so we are going. it will be a short trip because of gregg's work schedule but at least we will be there. i was standing next to gregg when he called his mother to tell her we'd be coming and it was so fun to hear how excited she was that her baby boy would be home for christmas. i love moms.

i also love 2 day work weeks :)

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