Sunday, May 11, 2008

celebration weekend..kinda :)

so this weekend was pretty good all in all. friday i went shopping with jamie but upon leaving the mall discovered that i had a flat tire. luckily, jamie drove to the mall as well and as able to give me a ride. not so luckily-the hole in the tire was not patchable and we had to purchase a new tire. oh well.

hanging out with jamie was good as usual-it would be nice if we could get together more often now that we both live in austin.

saturday gregg and i drove to brenham to hang out with my family for mother's day, my dad's b-day and my early b-day festivities. i made a cake for my dad and i (super chocolaty cake!) and i also went through alot of my old high school and college memories in my parent's garages. they are trying to clean out their garage so i brought 4 boxes of stuff home with me. it's fun looking back and reading old letters and yearbook notes.

i had a random thought for a new "career" path for myself on the way back to austin. totally not sure and it's completely different from anything i've considered before. but so far, there seem to be quite a few pluses about it. we'll see.
here are some pictures. happy mother's day :)

my mom with her children..
our family {my huband was there but for some reason didn't join the pictures :( }

me and my dad, the birthday people

my cupcake apron which i would like to turn into a dress..

that's all..

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Kathy Bonafede Ormont said...

you left me hanging... what's this new career path you've been thinking about???